Chapter 2: A Home with my Grandfather

Your Grandfather told me to lie to you so that you were able to keep your dreams and aim it.” my Mother explained. “But Mother, what is the sense of me being a doctor when I cannot cure my own Grandfather.” “I can feel your frustration, I just followed your Grandfather’s wish.” My Mother explained to me while holding my hands. “Your Grandfather will be happy to see you and that is the most important. You are here.” my Mother explained. I wiped my tears and fix myself before seeing my Grandfather.

In the nick of time, I was able to see and embrace him. I went to his room and saw him in a deep slumber and the atmosphere inside his room brings back my childhood. I used to sleep on his room every time there’s a thunder and telling me that everything will be okay and he was just here with me. I sit on his bedside and held his hand. My grandfather opened his eyes “You are here.” he told me. I saw that he is already weak. “I have been waiting for you.” he added. “I am here now, Grandfather. I can cure you now.” I told him while I was brushing his hair. “The doctor said that my life is about to end.” “Grandfather, there will be other way to prolong it.” I insisted. “My child, I already live my life to fullest, I saw you that you are a doctor as we both talked about it when you are a child. My son, raising you alone is the best thing ever happened in my life. I never raised my own son as I am busy and forget that I have kids. When your parents asked me to take care of you, without any doubt, I said yes.” My grandfather explained. He cough and gave him water, he told me that he wants to sit on his rocking chair to take a looked at the plaza. The plaza where we used to spend our time together. As I assisted him to sit on his rocking chair, I kissed his forehead. It is the way how he kissed me when I was a child when I feel so lonely.

“I have been waiting for you.” My Grandfather uttered as he cracked his voice. I gave him a glass of water but he refuses to drink. “It’s been a long time since I saw my favorite grandchild.” I smiled and said, “I am your only grandchild.” He chuckled sweetly. “I saw you on the television on how you successfully saved the President’s wife on a surgery. I am so proud of you.” I kissed his hand and said, “I did that because of my love for you.” “You did that because you possessed a humble heart that is why you are so blessed.” When my Grandfather uttered these words, I hugged him so tight.

I felt so guilty that I cannot visit him for at least once a year. I became too busy working on my career and building a name in the medical field. I am busy with medical missions all over the country, but I never had a time to have a medical mission with my own hometown. No words came out on my mouth as I held his hands and put it on my face and I closed my eyes. “Child, do not feel guilty about it.” My Grandfather told me. I was dumbfounded and asked him, “How did you know?” He softly chuckled and said, “Because, I love you.” I smiled to him.

“Can you please call your mother? I need to give something to you.” My Grandfather told me. As I went out of his room. “Wait!” My Grandfather told me, “Tell your mother that this is the right time. She already know what I am talking about.” I was puzzled while looking for my Mother throughout the entire house. Then, I saw her on the kitchen preparing our lunch. “Mother.” as I called her attention, “Grandfather is asking for something and I do not know what it is. But he told me to tell you that it is the right time.” My Mother smiled and said, “I’ll be there in a minute. Go back to you Grandfather’s room.” I went back to my Grandfather’s room and I saw my Grandfather’s eyes. I go to him immediately and checked his pulse. He laugh softly and said, “This is not yet my time young lad.” I smiled and kissed him on his forehead. My mother went to the room with a small treasure box on her hand. “Claridad” My Grandfather called. “Did you see it?” He asked my Mother. “Yes, Papa. Here it is.” My Mother gave a small treasure box. I would say that it is very vintage, an antique box I assumed.

“My son, this is the moment that I have been waiting for.” My Grandfather told me while dusting off the little box. “Grandfather, what is that box?” I asked him while I pulled the chair and sit beside him. I saw my Mother and she smiled at me. “This is our family heirloom. Our priceless possession, this box was passed on from generation to generation.” My Grandfather explained. The treasure box is a heart shaped jewelry box made of pure gold and silver. It is covered with diamonds, rubies and a big stone of sapphire at the middle of it. Even though that is old, it was well maintained. “Grandfather, how come I… I… I haven’t seen this?” I asked him while looking at the precious box. “The reason is because I am waiting for the right time to give it you and soon you will give it to your son and passed it on your grandson.” My Grandfather explained while looking at the window at the plaza.

“Do you still have the crucifix necklace that I gave you on your birthday?” he asked me. “Yes Grandfather. Actually, I am always wearing it.” I told him excitedly. “Even though that we are apart, you are always close to my heart.” I added. “You need to use the necklace that I gave you to open this box.” He instructed me. I pull out the necklace out of my shirt that my Grandfather gave me. I inserted it on the keyhole and it opened. I saw a small piece of parchment paper which if I am not mistaken it was written thousands of years. “It’s a map, Grandfather?” I asked him with confusion. “Yes my son, it is a map.” he replied. “This map belongs to our family since 17th century. In my younger years, I was able to visit it.” he added. “How was your trip?” I asked him with curiosity. “You will know as soon as you visited it.” he answered me while smiling at my Mother. I get my phone inside my pocket and tried to search for the places. It seems that the internet unable to get some of the details. “Grandpa, these places does not exists?” I asked him. “You see my boy, these places do not exists as sometimes we do not want to believe. For you to be able to find these places, find it using your heart.” My Grandfather explained. I scratched my head as I do not have any idea what he was talking about. My Grandfather laugh at me and said, “My child, this journey is not easy as you think as it is. It will require courage, wisdom and faith. If you are ready to take the journey bring those three requirements for you to have a successful journey.” he explained. “I will take the challenge, Grandpa.” I told him with excitement. “I have to go to my room now, Grandpa and fix my stuff.” I added. “Go my boy, see you later in lunch.” I kissed his forehead. Before I leave my Grandfather’s room, My Mother asked my Grandfather. “Papa, do you think he can make it?” “Claridad, have faith in your son. He needs that to see how life is so beautiful.” My Grandfather explained to my Mother. “I’ll go and set the lunch for us, Papa.” My mother said and we both get out at my Grandfather’s room and closed the door gently.